February 22, 2014

Our fellow pilgrims

In addition to me and the Hennings, there are number of folks here from New Hampshire including clergy:

Father Georges deLaire of St. Matthew Parish in Windham
Father Richard Dion of St. Anthony's Parish in Manchester and our chaplain
Msgr. Anthony Fronterio of St. Joseph Cathedral in Manchester
David Gagnon '11, a seminarian for the Diocese of Manchester
Father Ray Labrie of St. Francis Parish in Litchfield
Father Paul Montminy of St. Catherine Parish in Manchester
Father Andrew Nelson of Good Shepherd Parish in Berlin
Father Charlie Pawlowski of St. Elizabeth Seton Parish in Bedford

Father Andrew is writing articles for the Union Leader about the trip.  You can read his first one here.

Father deLaire shared some sorry news with us tonight while we were waiting in line for the Apostolic Palace.  A New Hampshire student from Bates College named John Durkin had gone missing here in Rome (he was studying abroad) and today he was found dead in a Rome train tunnel.  A parishioner of Father deLaire's was a good friend of John and someone called Father deLaire to tell him the sad news. The priests might visit John's father who is in Rome.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

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