November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Mass

Yesterday we celebrated our Thanksgiving Mass.  In the past we would have this Mass on the day before Thanksgiving but last year our celebrant, Father Paul O'Brien, couldn't make it that day so we moved it to Monday.  Since that is also the day we collect our Thanksgiving Baskets, we felt the two events went together perfectly so we kept the Mass on Monday.

Our chaplain, Father Richard Dion, was our celebrant.  Continuing our custom of having one of the readings proclaimed in another language, Mrs. Guerra of our foreign language department read the first reading in French.  In his homily Father Richard reminded the students who we should always be giving thanks to - God.  It is God who gives us all good things and who provides for us.  He asked every student to offer to say grace at Thanksgiving dinner as a way to instill in their families a reminder that God is deserving of our thanks.

One of my dreams since becoming Campus Minister has been to have a giant outdoor Advent wreath but I have never been able to figure it out.  Thankfully Michael Toomey '14 and his dad Bill are much smarter than me and they were able to construct one and find a way to run electricity to it.  Father Richard blessed the wreath after Mass which will be outside throughout Advent.  We ail begin every Monday of Advent outdoors where we will say a brief prayer and light the appropriate candle.  Here is a picture of it all lit up - it will be all decorated with a wreath and other festive things next week.  I cannot thank Michael and Bill enough for their incredible work on this.  I know it wasn't easy and they did an amazing job.

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