October 7, 2013

"...the Lord is with thee..."

Today, Oct. 7, is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  The feast was instituted in the 16th century after the Ottoman Empire was defeated in a battle by Catholic nations.  Prior to the battle, Pope Pius V and others had been praying the rosary and attributed the victory to the prayers.

We thus used today's feast to distribute rosary beads to the sophomores.  Each year we give students a symbol of our faith - freshmen receive a San Damiano cross, juniors a Tau cross, and seniors a candle decorated by friends.  Each sophomore theology class came into the chapel today and I explained a little bit about the rosary, its meaning, how to pray with it, etc.  They all then prayed a decade of the rosary before returning to class.

Throughout this month dedicated to the rosary, all of the theology classes will come in to the chapel to pray at least one decade of the rosary.  It is part of our efforts to introduce the students to various forms of prayer and to offer the time and space to pray and to be still.

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