July 2, 2013

Our new chaplain

Father Richard Dion
For many years, Father Ray Ball was the chaplain at Trinity High School and Saint Joseph Regional Junior High School.  He was transferred to Lancaster in 2005 or so and since then we haven't had a chaplain.  That all changed yesterday when Bishop Libasci appointed our good friend Father Richard Dion as our chaplain.  Father Richard is the pastor of Saint Anthony's Parish in Manchester and his role as chaplain will be in addition to his role as pastor.  Bishop Libasci also appointed Msgr. Anthony Fronterio, the rector of Saint Joseph Cathedral, as the chaplain to the junior high.

Father Richard has celebrated Mass at Trinity for many years and his appointment as our chaplain strengthens his relationship with our school community and gives our students a face, if you will, of a priest and the Church.

We look forward to working with Father Richard more formally over the next few years.

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