June 8, 2013

Theology Fair X

Last night was Trinity High School's 10th annual Theology Fair.  Each year in January, the freshmen receive a scripture passage and are tasked with creating a giant 3-D project of that passage by June.  I taught freshmen theology at Trinity for three years and always loved working with the kids on the Theology Fair project.  They all worked so incredibly hard and produce work that I would never have been
capable of when I was 14/15 years old.

Ms. Girard and Ms. Zolkos did an amazing job preparing the students for this year's fair and the gym was packed all evening.  What impresses me year after year is how the students are able to explain their story so well.  It's one thing to make a nice project, it's another to be able to discuss it with so much poise and confidence.

At the end of the fair, Ms. Girard and Ms. Zolkos recognized some students for their work and they came on stage to receive a gift.  Ms. Zolkos and I then thanked Ms. Girard for her hard work over the years and for her stewardship of the Theology Fair over the past four years.  We also wished her the best as she prepares to move to Nashville to enter religious life.

Great job all around!

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