June 15, 2013

6th Grade goodbye

This past Thursday I was privileged to be invited back to Saint Christopher School in Nashua for the 6th grade luncheon.  Each year on the day before "graduation" (Saint Christopher's only goes to 6th grade like most elementary schools in the diocese) they have a lunch in the church hall for the kids and their parents.  They also pass out various awards.

Father Richard Kelley, the pastor of Saint Christopher's Parish and a very good friend of Trinity High School, was unable to attend so I was asked to say grace.  I took the opportunity to also congratulate the parents on raising some amazing children.  We were then all treated to a nice lunch and then the awards were distributed.  They asked me to help pass out the Christian service awards which I was happy to do.

I am so grateful to the 6th grade teachers, Ms. Wefers and Mrs. Edmonds for inviting me and for continuing the wonderful relationship between Trinity High School and Saint Christopher's School.  That night I happened to be at the mall in Nashua and I ran into one of the boys from the class.  He actually recognized me at first and we had a nice chat.  They are wonderful kids. Best of luck Class of 2013!

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