October 25, 2012

Our mite

Today Mr. Mailloux '72 and I took a group of students from Trinity and Saint Joseph Regional Junior High School to New Horizons to present the donations from Cardboard City (over $7,300.00).  We were met by the executive director, Charlie Sherman, who thanked the students for all of their help and then took them on a tour of the facility - the food pantry, the soup kitchen, and the shelter.  Following the tour we took a group picture with Charlie and presented him with the donation.

It's always gratifying to bring students down to New Horizons so they can see the fruit of their labors.  They are also inspired to continue to be a part of the work at New Horizons (or other places) and continue to give back.

The students who joined us were:

Kasie Bourque '14
Morgan Doherty '16
Michael Ducharme '13 (Saint Joe's)
Joe Fahey '13
Ian Landry '14
Catrina Sylvia '15
David Tarr '13 (Saint Joe's)

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