April 17, 2012

Vocation Day

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Saint Christopher School in Nashua for their 21st annual Vocation Day.  This annual event is held to highlight the various vocations in the Catholic Church and to encourage the students to consider what God is calling them to do with their lives.

The morning began with Mass but I was not able to get there until around half way through.  Following Mass the speakers were treated to an amazing breakfast in the Church Hall.  I was able to chat with some of the other speakers, including a Jesuit from Salem (I went to a Jesuit high school so it was nice to see what my old teachers were up to).

Following breakfast we went to our classes.  I spoke to two sixth grade classes and one fifth grade class.  The classes rotated in every twenty minutes so there wasn't a ton of time.  I spoke about my vocation as a husband and a father but also about my work at Trinity High School and how much joy it gives me.  I showed them pictures of my wife and kids and also some pictures from Campus Ministry events at Trinity.  I encouraged the students to pursue whatever it is in life that will make them happy and passionate...not money.

We had a lot of fun and I promised to send them all Sour Skittles and Pretzel M&Ms (their choices).  I really enjoy spending time with younger grades as they are so different from high school students, it's always a nice change of pace.  Plus, they all laugh at my jokes!

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