March 25, 2012

Blessed Saint Patrick

Every year on the last Sunday of March, the city of Manchester is awash in green in celebration of Saint Patrick's Day.  The city's annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade is held a little later in March as many of the participants march in the Boston parade which is always a week earlier.

This year, Trinity High School was asked to carry banners in the parade.  The banners were for those organizations that sponsored various groups marching in the parade.

On this raw, rainy, cold Sunday morning, 52 amazing students, teachers, alumni, incoming freshmen, family members, and friends gathered to carry the banners.  We all met in the new Market Basket parking lot and were bused down to the Brady-Sullivan Building at the other end of Elm Street.  From there we were all assigned banners and stepped off at noon.

I am so grateful to all of them, especially those who had to carry a banner solo (I carried one solo too and it wasn't easy).  Luckily the parade route is 1.3 miles so it wasn't all that bad.

I am always amazed how civic groups and charities look to little old Trinity to always help with major events.  We have 400 kids, about the size of an entire class at some schools.  But, the selfless reputation of our students is so well known that folks in Manchester know they can always count on them to help.  It makes me very proud to be associated with such wonderful and giving people.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day (a little late)!

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