February 3, 2012

LVs Ride

Last summer, a group of cyclists (including a 71 year old Lasallian Christian Brother) biked from Oregon to New Jersey to raise money for the Lasallian Volunteers, a group of post-college graduates who spend a year or two of service in Lasallian ministries.  The bike ride, called LV's Ride, raised over $100,000!

A brief movie, also called "LVs Ride" was made about the ride and yesterday we showed it to all the students during their Theology classes.  Not only was it inspiring but also a good introduction to the Lasallian world as we continue to discern our future with the Lasallian Christian Brothers.

Some interesting quotes I picked up from the movie:

"One bike ride is not going to end poverty but hopefully it inspires people to volunteer somewhere."

"We are giving up some our downhill to make it an easier uphill for others and to make it an easier ride for everybody."

One of our students was so moved by the film that she emailed one of her teachers the following:

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the movie we watched in theology today. It truly inspired me. I have always wanted to do something like that since I was a little kid and seeing others do it made it seem more possible to me. I love that sort of thing; biking across country or helping children in Africa. Those are the things I think I was created for. I just wanted to thank you for showing us the movie, because it helped to reinspire me. 

Good things are happening folks!

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