January 20, 2012

Saying thanks

This afternoon at St. Pius X Parish in Manchester, Bishop Libasci hosted a simple reception to thank everyone who played a role in his Installation Mass.  Many of our students helped decorate for the reception and another group helped the day of the Mass directing guests.

The reception was held in the Church Hall and about 10 of our students were able to attend.  Bishop Libasci gave everyone a beautiful icon of Mary and the baby Jesus.  Before distributing them, he said he would bless them  - he said he better bless them because it is written on the back that they were blessed and he joked that he "didn't want to give [us] anything fraudulent."  Bishop Libasci is bi-ritual which means he can celebrate Mass and the sacraments in the Roman Rite and the Eastern Rite.  He blessed the icons using the prayers of the Eastern Church, wore an Eastern stole, held a cross, and made the sign of the cross in the opposite manner in which we are accustomed.  It was very interesting.

The food was prepared by Recipe for Success, a job training program run by Catholic Charities.  Bishop Libasci went to every table to speak to the guests and he had a nice chat with the kids from Trinity.

All in all, a simple reception which is how he likes it.  He is extremely humble and so down to Earth.  I was thanking him for something he did for Trinity recently and he genuinely asked, "Oh, was that OK?"

The.  Real.  Deal.

This is the inscription on the back of the icons he gave us:

Thank you!
Because you cared and gave your best,
you helped to make my installation
as The Tenth Bishop of Manchester 
a most holy and memorable occasion.
Each time you look upon this blessed icon
Receive a grateful blessing in return!
+Bishop Peter Libasci

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