December 10, 2011

Perhaps the reason we won

As part of our 25 Days of Service, I joined a group of students at the Precious Blood Monastery (which is down the street from Trinity) helping the Catholic War Veterans set up the sister's manger scene.  It was fairly easy work - we just had to carry the items from the garage to the front lawn, the assembly was easy.  The sisters take care of the statues so were done in less than an hour.

The best part, however, was when one of the sisters, Sister Felicitas, came outside and excitedly asked to see the football players from our group.  Sister was holding a little statue of Mary with a football taped to her right hand.  Two football players - Sam Rainey '12 and Russell Pallas '13 - were there and went over to her.  Sister told them that she had been praying for the football team all year and was so excited when they won the state title.  She was a star athlete at West High School so she loves sports.  She said she often glances in the direction of Trinity and prays for the football team all the time.

I was so moved by this.  Here was this tiny little nun who treated these boys like they were in the NFL.  The life of the Sisters of the Precious Blood is devoted to constant prayer.  I guess it works!

This was the second time in a week I was at the Precious Blood Monastery.  Previously, I had been there once before with our previous Campus Minister, Mr. Nelson, so I don't know the sisters that well.  That will change!  I am going to help increase our relationship with the sisters however I can.  They are a cloistered order so there is not a whole lot we can do with them but I went into their chapel before leaving and saw they have something called The Legion of 1000 Men.  Very simply, it's a group of men who commit to stopping by the chapel once a week for a few moments to pray.  I think that is something we can do as a school community very easily.

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  1. Russell Pallas and Sam Rainey are very nice young men; good luck for the upcoming 2012/2013 Trinity Football Season. Go Pioneers!