December 14, 2011

Christmas in the City

As we wind down our 25 Days of Service, I am getting ready for the one event outside of New Hampshire - Christmas in the City in Boston.  It's an annual Christmas party for homeless children in the Boston area which is totally organized and run by volunteers.  The event was founded some years ago by Jake Kennedy, a physical therapist in Boston, and his wife Sparky.  They are expecting 3,500 children.  3,500!  There are 3,500 homeless children in the city of Boston?  Are you kidding me?

Mrs. Bourque (mother of Kasie '14), Mrs. Bergeron (mother of Maddy '14) and I are taking 7 students down to volunteer for part of the day.  My wife has volunteered at this in the past and raves about it.  There was an amazing column in today's Boston Globe about the event which you can read here.

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