October 19, 2011

Lasallian Week

As I've mentioned in previous posts, our school is discerning whether or not we want to re-affiliate with the Lasallian Christian Brothers, the religious order that founded Trinity, Bishop Bradley, and Saint Joseph High Schools.  By affiliating, we would "adopt" their spirituality, become a part of their global network, have an ethos, etc.  We should still be a diocesan school, just with an enhanced/defined identity and culture.

As part of this process, Bro. Ernest Miller, FSC, the Associate Director of Mission and Ministry for the order's District of Eastern North America, visited our school yesterday.  A group of us met Bro. Ernest this summer at the Lasallian Youth Assembly and were very excited that he asked to come and visit.  When he arrived, I introduced him to some folks and showed him Alumni Hall, which was the Brother's House from 1961-1978.

Bro. Ernest then had lunch and some nice conversations with students.  He took a genuine interest in them and asked them a lot of questions about Trinity.  Following lunch, he and I had a discussion about Trinity, our thoughts on affiliation, next steps, etc.  He is very excited that we are talking with them and taking part in this process.  He left around 3pm and headed home to New Jersey.

This Friday, Mrs. Trachim of our Math Department, and I are taking 6 students to a Lasallian Christian Brothers school in Pawtucket, RI - Saint Raphael's Academy.  We are going to see a Lasallian school "in action" and to introduce other kids and teachers to this process.  I met folks from Saint Raphael's at Lasallian Youth Assembly and they want to work with us on projects and help us with our discernment.

Stay tuned!

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