September 29, 2011

Thanking our troops

For years now, a group of dedicated men and women have been going to Pease Tradeport in Portsmouth at all hours of the day and night to welcome home troops coming back from overseas (or wishing them well as they head off overseas).  These people, called Pease Greeters, are always there to greet the troops no matter the time or weather- it is an amazing gift they give to our men and women in uniform.

Senior Nicole Fell was inspired by the TLC show "Surprise Homecoming" to do something for the troops coming home to New Hampshire.  So a group of us will be going out to Pease to join the greeters whenever we can to welcome our troops home or to wish them well.  Unfortunately many of the flights are during school hours but there is one coming up this Sunday at 7:30am.  Anyone who wants to join us should meet at Trinity at 5:45am.  Yes, it's very early but think of the sacrifices these men and women are making for us.  Does getting up a little early on a Sunday even compare???

Now the flight schedules can change at any moment so be sure to see me before Sunday in case anything changes.

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