August 15, 2011

Project Full Nelson

Please keep Mr. Phil Nelson of the English Department in your prayers.  Tomorrow (hopefully) he will undergo open heart surgery to repair a heart valve.  I just spoke with him and he is in his typical amazing Mr. Nelson spirits!  This was not a surprise or emergency, he has known about it for a number of years.

If all goes well, he will be back to school sometime in September.

I think it would be amazing if he received hundreds and hundreds of get well cards.  Mr. Nelson is one of the most beloved and generous teachers at Trinity and if anyone deserves an avalanche of get well cards, it's him.  Send them along to me at:

Trinity High School:
Attn: Campus Ministry/Project Full Nelson
581 Bridge Street
Manchester, NH 03104

I will collect them all and we can bring them all to him.

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