July 4, 2011

And we're back...

We made it back to Boston yesterday around 5pm.  It was an uneventful flight but not without some tension beforehand.  First, the cab driver dropped us off at the wrong terminal so we had to find the right one.  Then, I didn't recognize the airport from when we arrived the week before and thought that perhaps the driver took us to the wrong one (Rome has two airports).  Luckily we found the right terminal quickly and discovered we were indeed at the right airport.  But that's not where the fun stopped...

I mentioned in my last post that on our last evening, I went to a store to buy some gifts for my family and got lost for over an hour.  Among other things, I bought my father a nice bottle of olive oil and my wife a bottle of dipping oil.  I packed them, along with my shaving cream, in my carry-on bag not thinking that you can't take liquids and aerosol cans on a carry-on.  I didn't care about the shaving cream as I get the 99 cents kind but they took my olive oil and dipping oil at security.  They said I could go back in the mega huge line, try to get them to put oils in my already bulging bag, and go back through security.  Sure.  The security lady didn't describe it that way, she was extremely nice actually.  But I just told her to take them.  All that walking the night before for nothing!!!  Well, I did but other things there so it wasn't all lost.  As we landed in Boston, Mr. Nelson told my wife that some folks in Rome were having a delicious dinner with some nice oils that they got at the security gate!

The flight back from Europe is longer (2+ hours longer) as you're flying into the jet stream (whatever that means) so it was quite a trek home.  Once in Boston, we coasted through customs and were home free.  Until my mother told me that Mr. Nelson's car (which he parked at my parent's house) would not start.  Luckily my parents live next to a car mechanic and all it needed was a jump.  Phew.

Mrs. Henning took close to 2,000 pictures (and they're all amazing) so she will be posting them soon.  All of us also hope to write some reflection on our trip and try to answer the questions Father Richard Dion posed to us - why were we in Rome and what was God asking of us?

Happy 4th of July!

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