June 27, 2011

We've arrived

Just a quick note to say we have all arrived in Rome.  We landed in Amsterdam at 6am local time and just made our connecting flight to Rome at 7:15am.  We got to Rome around 9am and got to our hotel just after 11am (we had to wait a long time at the airport for the bus to pick us up and it was about a 30 minute ride).

The Trinity contingent is staying at the Casa per Ferie Santa Maria Alle Fornaci which is literally across from Saint Peter's.  The rooms are very simple - a bed, a desk, a place to hang clothes, and a bathroom with shower.  I've already had a hard time figuring out flushing the toilet.  I pushed what I thought was the lever and water just started shooting everywhere.  Yup.

Right now the bed is very, very tempting as I slept for maybe an hour of the total flight over.  It is going to be a busy afternoon and evening so that bed will feel very good tonight.

We are going to head over to the Vatican in a short bit and later meet up with the priests who are here.  The folks who are with me on this pilgrimage are:

Mr. Mailloux
Mrs. Henning
David Gagnon, Class of 2011
Mr. Andrew Nelson
Rev. Mr. Charles Pawlowski - seminarian 
Father Richard Dion - Saint Anthony's, Manchester
Father Ray Labrie - Saint Francis, Litchfield
Father Marc Montminy - Saint Michael's, Exeter
Father Paul Montminy - Saint Catherine's, Manchester

OK, time to unpack and get ready to head out.  Stay tuned.

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